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The Onion Scene Which Freaked The F*ck Out Australia

As soon as they rocked up to a god damn farmyard, we knew that the potential for a horror show was real.

Sheep, goats and chickens never really bode well on a cooking show. Especially not on one called Hell's Kitchen, right?

As the celebrities filed into the barn, they were met by the staunch Marco Pierre White.   

His simple question of ‘who has chopped an onion before?’ was actually a tricky one.

While he spoke to the group, he chopped.

The thing is, while he chopped, White looked directly at the group and not once did we see him observe his own nimble task at hand.

He didn’t even cry. I’m not even sure I saw him blink.

The teams were given sweet little time to learn and put their new knife skills to the test – at least White allowed them to watch what they were doing.

It was, however, when the celebrities’ handiwork was being reviewed when we nearly vommed.

What can be gross about a chopped onion, right?

Olympian Jess Fox called for Band-Aid back up while chopping hers, and none of us thought anything about it.

Until White uttered “What’s that bit?” while he fished something out of the bowl with his knife.


“Oh my gosh… skin from my finger” said Fox.

 “Do you like eating skin?” White asked her to which she sheepishly shook her head.

It was then revealed it was ONION SKIN.


Seriously, this savage editing is going to be the end of us.

Hell's Kitchen, 7.30pm, Seven.

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