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This Is The Real Reason Lee Won...

From the moment Lee Elliot and Georgia Love met there was instant chemistry. Before the stunning 27-year-old embarked on her mission to find the one, she confided in her parents that she was looking for someone who could tell a good dad joke. 

Cue Lee entering the mansion with donkey in tow, and a ripper dad joke to rival all. Locking eyes with the new Bachelorette he remarked, ‘Does my arse look big in this?.’

The rest my friend is history. 


Not only is Lee smoking hot, he also appears to be missing the stench of arrogant model that seemed to plague more than one contestant that entered the mansion this year *cough* Rhys and Sam *Cough*

While Rhys continues to photoshop himself with exotic animals and pose in his jocks side by side with his new bestie Tommy in a blatant attempt to hit on Megan Marx (ummm dude, I don’t know if you’ve read our site in the last few months but she’s kind of dating this girl called Tiffany!) Lee shows what a real man is truly like.

Who could forget when he came hand in hand with a massive bunch of roses for Georgia during hometown dates *men take note*

Another big factor which appeared to influence Georgia’s decision was proximity. While Matty’s sister made it crystal clear she did not want her brother moving away from Sydney, mechanical plumber Lee is based in Melbourne where Georgia now calls home. 

Although 8 years Georgia’s senior the pair seem to be at the same stags in life, whereas Matty (and his sister) seem to have babies on their mind! 

We wish them all the best and lets hope Matty J becomes the new Bachie. 

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