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5 things I’d rather be doing than Census

Census is here! No excuses. No outs. AND if you don’t do it, you face a $180 fine. Check mate.

I’m sure the last census improved my life immeasurably over the last 5 years, but given the option, here are some other tasks on my ‘to-do-list’ that I’d rather be getting done today…


5. Willingly answer a ‘private number’ call


I normally shudder at the idea…But maybe they do have a better deal for me? I could have a pleasant chat, hand over my credit card details… I might be better off?


 4. Wake up early to go for a run.

I’ve been promising to get some more exercise ever since Canberra’s winter got serious. Can’t I have this Census time back? I promise to brave the cold to work on a little fitness.             


3. Getting my teeth cleaned

Nobody likes fronting up to the dentist to have the back of their incisors scraped and gouged with a jagged steel instrument…but that tartar has to be removed. Why not today?


2. Fill out my tax return.

At least there is a refund cheque waiting for me at the end of all of that paperwork.      


1. Anything else!!




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