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Mobile phones, USB sticks and drugs are just some of the items prisoners in the ACT have been able to get their hands on.

It’s as Corrective Services crack down on contraband entering the Alexander Maconochie Centre, carrying out more than 7,000 searches in 2016-17.

That included 2,533 area searches and 4,655 individual location searches.

More than 700 banned items were seized, including 33 mobile phones, 44 mobile phone accessories, 221 drug-related items and 41 USBs.

“It’s a real testament to the hard work of Corrective Services staff that they have been able to detect these items. People go to great lengths to smuggle items into the AMC,” Corrections Minister Shane Rattenbury said.

“We are not alone in having contraband problems. Goulburn Supermax just up the road regularly confiscates mobile phones.”

Mr Rattenbury said enforcing stronger security is a tough balancing act..

““We need to have strong security but not making it so draconian that people are not wanting to bring their children to jail. To have connection to their parents is really important.”

But he insists work is underway to further crack down on contraband.

“We’re continually upgrading the physical searching capabilities as new technologies come through and we’ve got improved relations with ACT Policing,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“I want to assure the community we are remaining vigilant, taking a range of precautions to detect and prevent prohibited items from entering the AMC.”

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