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by Renee Bogatko

Canberra will host an A-League clash between the Wellington Phoenix and the Central Coast Mariners in November.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr joined the Mayor of the City of Wellington Ms Celia Wade-Brown, and the President of Capital football Mark O'Neill, for the announcement this afternoon.

It comes with international flights between Canberra and Wellington getting underway in September.

"It's an excellent opportunity for people from Wellington and indeed Wellington Phoenix fans to take that Singapore Airlines direct flight across direct into Canberra from Wellington and enjoy a fantastic weekend in Canberra," Mr Barr said.

The Mariners are also looking to build a stronger relationship with Canberra's football community.

"As we're not going to have an A-League team in Canberra in the foreseeable future, the Mariners want to work closely with Capital Football and have a bigger presence in Canberra," Mr Barr said.

The Chief Minister hopes it is the start of more games in the future.

picture source - A-League.com

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