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One of Canberra’s most-loved radio legends is set to grace our airwaves again!

Nigel Johnson returns to the breakfast shift, joining Kristen Henry on MIX 106.3 for a show that’s committed to be everything Canberra.

The excitement of 2019 kicks off early, with Kristen & Nige for Breakfast starting this coming Monday – October 29!

Nige said he couldn’t be more thrilled to be back on the radio.

“On a scale of one to ten, one being “I’m not excited at all” and ten being “Straight-up, if I was any more excited, I would probably turn inside out and spontaneously wink out of existence”, I’m sitting at about a twelve right now.”

Kristen is equally ecstatic!

“Nige has been a very dear friend for 10 years. It is truly a privilege to welcome him back to Breakfast and be able to laugh with that beautiful man and get paid for it,” she said.

“It just means our kitchen conversations we have every day just have to be moved to behind mics and a little earlier in the day.”

ACRA award winning newsreader Kate Rice completes the team, bringing all the news you need to know across the morning.

Content Director Rod Cuddihy said to welcome a guy described as the “King of Canberra Radio” back to breakfast is unbelievable.

“For that to coincide with the return of Canberra's most awarded News Reader - Kate Rice to breaky makes it even more special. The fact they are decade long mates with Kristen, probably makes this the most familiar new show in Australia and definitely the most 'Canberra' show in Canberra!”

MIX listeners will also get their favourite personalities on the way home from work, with The Wilko Show with Courts kicking off on Monday too!


Wilko’s arrival last year helped deliver the highest ratings for MIX in 15 years.

Now, he gets a well-deserved sleep-in!

He’s joined by Courts on a show from 3 to 6pm that’s all about Canberra – one of the very few dedicated and fully-local Drive Time shows in the country.

The pair have shared the studio plenty of times before and are keen to build on what they’ve already successfully delivered to their audiences.

Wilko and Courts, who’s expecting her first child in the coming few months, will be supported by Renee Bogatko.

Renee is an experienced journalist and regular announcer across MIX 106.3 on weekends through various shows all focused on Canberra.

As with Breakfast, the Drive team’s focus will be on entertaining and informing, with a different slant though, as listeners wind-down their day.

Canberra FM General Manager, Craig Wagstaff, said it’s a privilege to have some of the city’s (and in many cases, nation’s) best broadcasters be part of the new Breakfast and Drive shows.

What a great way to start and end each workday, not to mention our ongoing focus on ‘Music that Makes You Feel Good’ around the clock. To be able to maintain and grow an already strong line-up, illustrates what we aim to deliver each and every day… I/we can’t wait!“

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