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Image Credit – Andriy Popov/123rf.com

If you’re one of those people who sends the odd text or applies mascara while behind the wheel – there is a stern warning for you!

ACT Police are focusing on driver distraction this month, targeting drivers who do things that take their attention away from the road.

That includes using a mobile phone, driving with headphones, tuning your radio, managing children or pets, or applying make-up.

Acting Station Sergeant David Wills said the consequences can be devastating.

“Distracted driving in the past has seen very serious collisions, even including fatalities on our roads in the ACT, which is why it’s such an important subject to raise with new drivers and drivers who’ve been using our road for a long time,” he said.

“The effect distracted driving has is you could inadvertently go through a traffic control device, be it a set of traffic lights or road sign, or you could exceed the speed limit, so being a distracted driver leads to other traffic offences too.”

Mr Wills has this advice for drivers struggling to focus solely on the road.

“If you do need to make adjustments in the vehicle that takes your attention away from the road, and it’s something you need to do straight away, it’s simply safer to stop your vehicle on the side of the road, change and address whatever you need to in your vehicle, then go on your way safely,” he said.

“There is simply no excuse for using a mobile phone while driving – no text message or Instagram post is worth causing a serious collision and potentially killing yourself or someone else.”

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