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Image Credit – aquapictures/123rf.com

It’s a common sight in Canberra these days – seeing locals walk around with their own brightly-coloured environmentally-friendly shopping bags.

That’s since the plastic bag ban came into force in 2012, which forced retailers to axe light single-use plastic bags.

But, they could keep selling heavier bags, as long as they met certain requirements.

ACT Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury has called for a review into the ban, amid some concerns.

“Certainly the initial ban has made great progress in reducing the amount of plastic waste that is out there, but what we are seeing, is reports some places are using slightly thicker plastic bags than the ones that are banned, which is obviously defeating the purpose of the approach,” he said.

Mr Rattenbury’s written to Environment Commissioner Professor Kate Auty, ordering a full review of the scheme.

“So I’ve asked the Commissioner for the Environment to look at how the current system is working, whether any improvements can be made, and to advise me on possibly pathways forward, including whether we can move to things like biodegradable or compostable bags,” he said.

The review’s findings are expected to be released in June.

What do you think about the ACT’s plastic bag ban? Should it stay as is, be changed, or axed? Have your say at our Facebook page!


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