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Image Credit – Honqi Zhang/123rf.com

They’re being called the text books of the future…

All public high school and college students in the ACT will get a Chromebook laptop from term one next year.

“This is a historic announcement for the ACT and Australia. We’re the first state or territory to provide free devices for children from year 7 to year 11,” Education Minister Yvette Berry said.

“Irrespective of family circumstances, every student will have an equal opportunity to access technology-based learning when and where they need it.”

Minister Berry said it’s a win for teachers too.

“With a single device as the standard across classes and schools it also means Canberra teachers don’t need to be experts in every platform or spend valuable lesson time trouble shooting multiple devices.”

Down the track, Chromebooks will be provided to all new students at the start of every school year, ensuring all students have up-to-date devices.

The laptops are expected to compliment Google technology that’s already used in many Canberra classrooms.

“Students are already equipped with access to a specialised Google educational platform where they access a Google classroom and Google apps,” Minister Berry said.

“Chromebooks integrate seamlessly with these apps and will ensure all students are using a safe, secure and easily managed platform.”

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