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by Katarina Slavich

Unions ACT claims investigations are underway into allegations that some furniture and household goods from Mr Fluffy homes under the demolition program are being looted and resold.

Secretary Alex White said a whistleblower came forward to the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) on Wednesday with the allegations.

He said the CFMEU used their rights of entry under Workplace Health and Safety laws to inspect a yard used by one of the Fluffy companies, and allegedly discovered a bunch of goods from affected houses that had been covered in the red crosses that the Asbestos Response Taskforce had placed on the items.

"In many cases, a lot of the red paint had been removed with turpentine and ready for re-use," he said.

Mr White said in some cases it appeared that the goods had been resold on Gumtree.

"We've been told that some of these goods have left the ACT. We've advised the WorkSafe authorities and the Trades and Labor Councils in other jurisdictions about this, so there can be alerts put out on asbestos tainted materials," he said.

Mr White said ACT Police had been asked to look into the allegations, but is calling on the ACT Government to suspend all the demolition work, until the claims have been investigated.

"We've got evidence that this has happened, but we think there needs to be a proper, full investigation by WorkSafe and ACT Policing," he said.

 pic source =Canberra Times


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