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Image Credit – ftlaudgirl/123rf.com

With the same-sex marriage postal vote just around the corner, the ACT Chief Minister is urging Canberrans to vote YES.

Andrew Barr will put forward a motion in the Legislative Assembly today, calling for additional support for Canberra’s L-G-B-T-I-Q community during the postal survey.

He’s also calling for the Assembly to join the campaign in making marriage equality a reality in Australia.

“The motion seeks to reaffirm a fundamental principle that all Australians and all Canberrans should be treated equally under the law,” Mr Barr said. 

“We do so because LGBTIQ Canberrans should have the same opportunities for love, commitment and happiness as everyone else in the community.”


Image Credit – Anton Havelaar/123rf.com

The Chief Minister said there’s a number of problems with the postal survey..

“It has been designed by people who don’t want same-sex marriage to be legalised, it is a waste of $122 million and the Parliament will still have to vote on this issue anyway, regardless of the result.”

Mr Barr admits while they didn’t want to be in this situation, it is what it is, and now’s the time to make their voices heard.

“To LGBTIQ Canberrans, I say this – you are not alone in the fight ahead. There is great strength in our argument that all Australians should be treated equally under the law.”


Image Credit – Ivonne Wierink/123rf.com

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