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Image Credit – Kayleigh McGlynn

It’s been a rocky road for Annabelle Potts and her family.

Since being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in December, it’s been one medical appointment after another, weeks away in Sydney for radiation, scans, the list goes on.

While there’s been tough times, there’s also been times of joy, with the community rallying together to build Annabelle a Princess Playground, and her parents, Kathie and Adam, tying the knot.


Image Credit - Mark Jennaway/Timeless Creations

Even though it’s been a great few weeks, there is still a long road ahead, with radiation only being a temporary treatment to buy Annabelle time until a cure is found.

So it’s a race against the clock.

Annabelle has been accepted into a clinical trial in the UK, which delivers drugs directly to the tumour.

“This method involves the surgical implantation of very fine catheters into the brain using a dedicated robotic technique,” Annabelle’s aunty, Louise Griffiths, said.

But, the family needs our help to get them there!

“Early indications are that treatment costs in current trials are in excess of $250,000,” Louise said.

“Annabelle and her family will need to travel to the UK initially for the surgery and then every 4-6 weeks for infusions, at least 6 times.”


Fundraising across the Canberra community and online is helping them move closer to this figure.

And you can help to – by donating at the Go Fund Me page.

Canberra has done an outstanding job at supporting this beautiful family so far, let’s keep it up!

Listen to Kristen and Rod’s chat with Annabelle’s mum Kathie:

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