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Image Credits - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

It’s been a tough year for the Potts family, to say the least.

Just over a year ago, little Annabelle Potts was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, with her parents told to enjoy the few remaining months they had with their precious daughter.

More than 12 months on, Annabelle is still smiling and showing what it means to be a true fighter.

She’s back in Mexico with her dad this week for her 8th intra-arterial treatment.

Understandably, Annabelle’s parents Kathie and Adam are feeling anxious.

“We are ok, very worried about Annabelle as she is very tired. We have had to wait eight weeks between treatments this time as we couldn’t get flights over the Christmas break,” Kathie said.

“I’m sure the tumour is stable, it is just so hard not to worry.”

They were given some hope recently though, with positive news from two young boys who received the same treatment in Mexico.

Buddy from the UK is NED (no evidence of disease) and Luke from Scotland has almost no tumour left.

“We are absolutely overjoyed with Buddy and Luke’s results, but also anxious to see the same results in Annabelle,” Kathie said.

“And we are so happy she had a wonderful Christmas, we all did.”


After this treatment, Annabelle will have an MRI in Canberra, before the family heads to Sydney for their three-monthly check-up.

At this stage, there still isn’t any other treatment Annabelle’s eligible for.

“Incredibly disappointed that in the last year, there are still no advances in Australia for DIPG and such little support from the Government,” Kathie said.

“But we are incredibly grateful that Annabelle will see preschool and that we do still have the support of our community behind us.”

That community support is what has helped Annabelle’s family manage the tough times and continue with the treatment.

Currently, they have enough money for one more treatment in late February/early March, but it’s likely she’ll need more.

Each trip costs them about $33,000, including accommodation, flights, Adam not being able to work, and the treatment itself.

They still need our help Canberra!

You can show your support by donating at the GoFundMe page or via PayPal.


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