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Image Credits - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

It’s been nearly a year since Annabelle Potts was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

Since then, it’s been months of doctor’s appointments, scans, a trip to Mexico and plenty of other up’s and down’s.

So, how is Annabelle doing now?

Overall, pretty good. But, there’s still a long road ahead.

Annabelle and her dad Adam headed back to Mexico this week for her 6th Intra-Arterial treatment.

The feedback so far has been fairly positive.

“The doctor’s said there isn’t a great deal of change, but some areas look better and there is again less enhancement,” Annabelle’s mum, Kathie, said.

“She is mostly symptom free, except a little tired in the late afternoon and evening, but even that has been improving over the last couple of weeks.”

The family were also given renewed hope when they heard the news of Buddy – another child receiving the same treatment in Mexico, who is now NED (no evidence of disease).

 “This fills us with so much joy and hope,” Kathie said.

So, what’s next for Annabelle?


The doctors have said she will need 8-12 treatments, with maintenance every 3 months after that.

Annabelle’s just completed her 6th treatment and the family only has enough money for 7 treatments in total.

They still need our help Canberra!

You can support the beautiful Potts family by making a donation at the GoFundMe page or via PayPal.

Keep fighting Annabelle, we’re all behind you!


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