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Image Credits - @loveforannabelle/Facebook

Canberra’s warrior princess Annabelle Potts is showing everyone what it means to fight for your life.

She’s responding pretty well to treatment she’s getting in Mexico for an aggressive and hard to treat brain tumour.

The tumour hasn’t shrunk massively like they were hoping for, but there is less enhancement.

“A lot of kids over here before us have seen more drastic results, but they’ve come over in a much more progressed state than what Annabelle has,” Annabelle’s mum Kathie told Kristen and Wilko.

“They think we might see the results a bit slower than some of the other children but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.”

While the few days after treatment are tough, with Annabelle experiencing severe headaches, high temperatures and fatigue, she has been able to get back to her regular bubbly self.

“She’s better than what she was six months before she diagnosed. She’s sleeping better. She’s not having any meltdowns. She’s back to her old self behaviour wise,” Kathie said.


So far, Annabelle’s had three intra-arterial treatments and two rounds of immunotherapy.

All up, she needs four immunotherapy’s and 10-12 intra-arterials.

However, the family only has enough money for about two more treatments.

““The other treatments afterwards won’t be quite as expensive because they won’t be having the immunotherapy as well, so we’ll still be having the intra-arterial which is $16,000 per treatment and the hospital stay which is under $7000 on top of that,” Kathie said.

“We are so grateful for what everyone’s done, but we still need a little bit more help.”


There’s no Government assistance as the treatment Annabelle is receiving is “new” and not yet a recognised treatment for DIPG.

“That is about 10 years away and we don’t have that time to wait,” Kathie said.

Let’s keep the support going for the Potts family! You can donate at the GoFundMe page or via PayPal.

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