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Image Credit - @loveforannabelle/facebook.com

The beautiful Potts family have been dealt another blow as they fight to prolong their terminally ill daughter’s life.

Most Canberrans are now familiar with Annabelle Potts - Canberra’s little princess who has a highly aggressive brain tumour.

She was recently accepted into a clinical trial in the UK, which the family and community have been working around the clock to raise money for.

Just last night, Annabelle’s parents Kathie and Adam received a call from the doctors in London, with some devastating news.


Image Credit - @loveforannabelle/facebook.com

Doctors have had a closer look at Annabelle’s MRI and the tumour is growing out of the pons, which means the treatment will be too risky at this stage.

“It’s so frustrating as we were so close to raising the money to get over there,” Kathie said.

While the treatment hasn’t been ruled out as radiation may continue to shrink the tumour, Adam and Kathie have been exploring other options.

Understandably, they don’t want to waste any time.

One option is an intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment combined with Immunotherapy in Mexico.

“It is very new, but many kids with DIPG are having good results,” Kathie said.

But, it is also very expensive, costing around $24,000 for each infusion, with Annabelle needing infusions every three weeks for an undefined period of time.

Canberra – you’ve already shown your immense support and generosity to this beautiful family. Let’s keep it going!

Donations can be made at the GoFundMe page.

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