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Image Credit – Vadim Sadovski/123rf.com

If you love looking up at a night’s sky full of twinkling stars – you can now do it while also helping break a Guinness World Record!

A star party kicks off at the ANU tomorrow, to hopefully break a world record title the university set three years ago.

The Mount Stromlo Observatory at the ANU holds the current Guinness World Record title for the most people stargazing at multiple venues – with 7,960 people across 37 locations in Australia looking up to the night sky at the same time on August 21, 2015.

“Stargazing shows that science is not just about a few people in lab coasts doing work, but that science is everywhere and we can all get involved,” the ANU’s Dr Brad Tucker said.


Image Credit – supplied

The ANU’s calling on Aussies to take part in the record and they also want volunteers to lend a hand!

Official counters are needed to help count the number of people involved tomorrow night, but they can’t be affiliated with the university.

“We need one person per 50 people and we already have over 3000 people registered so we need at least 60 counters alone and we hope that number to go up to even 4 or 5000,” Dr Tucker said.

“If you’re coming along with your family, we encourage you to do it so if for instance mum or dad, you’re coming with the kids, you can act as the official counter for that group because we have to have someone who’s independent outside of the ANU since we’re the ones setting the record.”

ANU will host the Canberra Star Party event on Wednesday May 23 from 7pm-10pm as part of the Guinness World Record attempt.

The record attempt itself will take place from 8pm-9pm.

Register here!

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