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Image Credit – Marcos Calvo Mesa/123rf.com

Startling new figures released today reveal the extent of sexual harassment and assaults at Canberra’s two main universities.

The landmark report on sexual assault and harassment at Australian universities shows one in five (21%) students were sexually harassed in a uni setting in 2016, while just under 2% reported being sexually assaulted.

Of the 1,477 ANU students who took part in the survey, at least 116 were sexually assaulted last year, 52 of those on campus.

841 reported they were sexually harassed, 517 of them at the University. In about three quarters of those incidents, the perpetrator was another student and in 5% of cases, a lecturer or tutor.

At least 93% of students who were harassed didn’t seek support or help, with the majority believing their matter wasn’t serious enough.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt has apologised to all those affected.

“The stories told by survivors are shocking, the results are shocking, we should all be shocked,” he said.

“I pledge to the students and staff at ANU who are affected by sexual assault and harassment that we are acting, we will do more, and we will not cease until this stops happening in our community.”

The Human Rights Commission has made nine recommendations to universities – with the ANU vowing to implement all of them.

Meanwhile, the University of Canberra will look at the recommendations over the coming weeks before assessing the next steps.

Of the 460 students surveyed at UC, five were sexually assaulted in a university setting, 33 reported sexual assault in general and about 120 had experienced some form of sexual harassment at uni.

“One incident is too many,” UC Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deep Saini said.

“I’m committed to working with our staff and student representatives to address the challenge of sexual harassment and assault at our institution and ensure our University is a safe, respectful and supportive environment for all.”

What do you think needs to be done to address sexual harassment and assault at our universities? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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