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Image Credits – ACT Policing

Staff at the National Dinosaur Museum have pleaded with thieves who used power tools to decapitate three velociraptors, to give their heads back.

The vandalism happened sometime between 10:55pm and 11:20pm on Saturday night, August 5.

ACT Police, who are now investigating, said it looks like an angle grinder or hacksaw was used to remove the heads from the bodies.


The offenders even went to the trouble of climbing a 4ft fence to gain entry.

CCTV showed a 4x4 dual cab utility drive along the western side of the building, with the people inside believed to be the culprits.

It’s the fourth-time dinosaurs at the Museum have been targeted by vandals in recent years.

And staff are fed up.

“It’s just senseless, thoughtless, selfish action,” Supervisor Mitchell Seymour said.

“These are worth a couple of thousand dollars. With their heads removed we can’t have them on display here and they can’t travel around to go visit other places as well.”

This latest act of vandalism appears to be quite the calculated attack, with footage showing the culprits were in and out in about five minutes, with no traces of fibre glass left behind.


While the outside displays appear to be common targets, Museum staff have vowed not to change their set up that’s so popular with visitors.

“We might want to try and get another security camera up to cover that corner where the damages took place but to my knowledge we don’t have plans to change anything at the moment,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has a simple message for those responsible..

“If we could get them back we can repair them without a huge amount of trouble. Just have a think about your actions before you do something like this.”

If you know anything, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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