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Are You A Jerk Driver? (Take the test)


  1. Not Indicating! – seriously, it’s not that hard! You are either being lazy, arrogant or so distracted doing something else that you forget (but I’m guessing it’s one of the first two options)… and if that IS the case, FOCUS… you’re driving a car, not making toast.


  1. King Jerk move. This is when you are travelling on a dual lane carriageway, you need to soon take a left shoulder to leave the parkway, but there is a car in front of you.. instead of just waiting, you overtake into the right lane then go across 2 lanes in front of the car you overtook so you can leave the road anyway. Seriously… are you that impatient?


  1. Tail gaiting. We have all seen this tosser, and hopefully it’s not you. Ok, why would you even do this? If the person in front stops, YOU are at fault. Wake up to yourself…. This brings me to…


  1. Bullying someone out of the right lane. Yes I’m talking to you in the big 4WD/SUV. If someone is in the right lane they usually need to turn right at some stage. And legally, if you are travelling at 80k’s or under it’s not mandatory to be in the left lane… however, if you ARE Sitting in the right lane and not planning to turn right… get out! Especially if you are not even travelling the speed limit. Simple.


  1. Weaving in and out of traffic. Oh yeah… you actually own the road and your drive from A to B is WAY more important than anyone else’s. If you want to weave, take up basket making, or YOU could end up a basket case!.


  1. Not being able to merge. Pretend you are part of a zipper…. The teeth interlock from one side then the other… it’s one for one. If you are merging into fast traffic, speed up! Don’t try and join in if you are going 30k’s an hour and the traffic is doing 90-100. This requires being aware of your surroundings, get off Facebook!


  1. Throwing cigarette butts out the window. It’s your choice to stink up your lungs but not the environment. STOP it…. And while we’re here, I have seen someone throw a Maccas bag full of rubbish out the window onto the street while driving. Congratulations… if this was you you have achieved a new level of jerk.


  1. Not letting someone into the lane in front of you even when they ARE indicating, actually especially when they are indicating. This proves that they will get in front of you and travel to the exact same location and STEAL your carpark.


  1. Putting make up on while driving! I saw this the other day… P plater going 90k’s an hour and putting eye make up on… honey, if you crash, you won’t look good full stop. Get up 10 minutes earlier and do it at home, or in the carpark before you get to work.


  1. TEXTING. I don’t think I need to say anything else. But I will… us humans are smart, we can do more than one thing at once… but that does not include texting. A friend of mine saw a girl texting while driving, he looked at her and shook his head, she flipped him the bird. Charming. Remember him when you’ve run in to the car in front of you.

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