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Image Credit – Balint Roxana/123rf.com

Be aware Canberra – the AFP has recently received reports of a new scam email doing the rounds!

The email, that claims to be from the AFP, asks for payment for a traffic infringement.

It has a link urging viewers to ‘View in OneDrive’ then download a file. DO NOT do this.

The AFP has reminded the community, they don’t give out fines via email.

We’re warned the file may install malware onto your computer.

The message is clear: do not open it and do not click on links. Delete it, then delete it again from the trash folder.


Image Credit - @AusFedPolice/Facebook

The AFP post on Facebook, shared by ACT Policing, has been shared nearly 3,000 times and attracted dozens of comments.

“That is so dodgy it’s laughable. The word ‘reason’ is clearly cut and pasted from somewhere, the reason is simply ‘red lights’ (what is that supposed to mean exactly?), incorrect date format and one measly day to pay said fine? Looks like my 7-year-old knocked it up in IT class.” – Ben

 “It’s cute that they think running a red light only costs $56, onya guys.” – Beau

“I received one today claiming to be the ATO. Clearly a fake. Always triple check before clicking on anything.” – Sarah

“Firstly AFP do not oversee traffic offences like red lights, secondly they do not have your email address – infringements get posted to the address your rego is registered to.” – Ella

What scams have you come across? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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