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Image Credit – Olena Takobchuk/123rf.com

Struggling to get your kids to eat veggies? Well, it seems we need to set a better example!

Four out of five Aussie adults aren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables to meet dietary guidelines, according to Australia’s biggest ever fruit and veg survey.

The Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score Report found one in two adults (51%) aren’t eating the recommended amount of fruit, while two out of three adults (66%) aren’t eating enough veggies.

The CSIRO report compiled the dietary habits of adults across the country over an 18 month period, with 145,975 people taking part.

It’s clear from the results, most Australians aren’t as healthy as they think!

“Many Aussies believe themselves to be healthy, yet this report shows the majority of those surveyed are not getting all the beneficial nutrients from fruit and vegetables needed for a healthy, balanced diet,” Research Director and co-author of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Professor Manny Noakes, said.


Image Credit – monticello/123rf.com

To help meet benchmarks around quantity and variety, CSIRO suggests adults eat at least three serves of different vegetables every dinner time.

“For a country with an abundance of high-quality, locally-grown fruit and vegetables available all year round, it’s disappointing so many Australians are missing out and not enjoying enough variety in their diets,” Horticulture Innovation Australia CEO, John Lloyd, said.

In other interesting findings, women reported slightly better fruit and veggie consumption, with 24% meeting both guidelines, compared with only 15% of men surveyed.

Construction workers and those in the science and programming sector recorded the poorest fruit and veg eating habits, while retirees and health industry workers were more likely to meet recommended guidelines.

Want to know how your diet stacks up? Fill out the CSIRO Health Diet Score survey – a free online questionnaire which evaluates diet quality and works out where improvements are needed.

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