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Image Credit – Maitree Laipitaksin/123rf.com

Take-away can be so tempting after a busy day.

But as most of us know, it doesn’t always come cheap!

According to new Commonwealth Bank data, Aussies are eating out and ordering take-away more than ever before.

An average Aussie spends about $143 a month on restaurants, up 6% since July 2015, and around $90 on fast food, up 20%.

Eating out seems to be most popular among millennials, with people under 30 making up almost half of all fast food purchases, and a third of restaurants’ trade.

But, millennials aren’t the ones spending the most money.

People aged 40-45 spend the most per month on take-away, while those aged between 50 and 55 spend the most in restaurants.


Image Credit – Vadim Guzhva/123rf.com

But it’s not so bad here in the ACT.

Canberrans spend nearly $75 a month on fast food, and just over $105 on restaurants.

While those in the ACT and Northern Territory spend the least on take-away and eating out, customers in NSW and WA spend the most.

How much do you fork out for take-away and restaurants each month? Is it more or less than these figures? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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