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Austin to make a miraculous return

by Brent Ford 

image credit - raiders.com.au

Blake Austin believes he can return for the Raiders in their next game, despite rumours circulating that he would be a late inclusion for the Canberra Raiders Qualifying Final clash with the Cronulla Sharks.

It would be a miraculous recovery from Austin who just two weeks ago broke two fingers after "The Hulk" Paul Vaughan got a hold of him in a training mishap. Austin spoke to reporters from the AAP this morning about how close he was to making a return this week and that he believes he can return either next week or the week after depending on what happens this Saturday.


"I was twisting (the surgeon's) arm about returning this week," Austin said at the Fox Sports launch of the NRL finals on Thursday.

"I was backing myself to play this week but it wasn't the smart thing to do.

"I'll just have to sit back and watch and whether it's next week or the week after, I'd be confident that I could play."

Austin revealed how the injury occurred trying to take on 110kg prop Vaughan in a wrestling drill, only to be tossed around like a rag doll.

"We were wrestling on the mats and I came in to tackle big Paul Vaughan and he threw me off pretty easily and a few of the boys giggled," Austin said.

"As I'm falling, I put my hand out, I got my fingers caught in the wrong spot."

Sam Williams also receiving a lot of praise from the injured five-eighth, ahead of Saturday's clash.

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