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Image Credit - @BarnabyJoyceMP/Facebook

Barnaby Joyce has defended accepting $150,000 for a tell-all interview with Channel Seven about his new family with a former staffer.

It’s after the news sparked widespread outrage – with the Prime Minister even suggesting it was the wrong move.

But Mr Joyce insisted he and partner Vikki Campion tried for privacy following the birth of their son.

“In the last fortnight we’ve had drones over our house. We've had paparazzi waiting for us outside Armidale airport," he told the Nine Network.

“We tried just burning this out and that didn't work."

The controversial interview to air on Sunday night has prompted calls for a ban on politicians getting paid for media comment.

It also got Kristen and Wilko talking about whether it’s okay for Barnaby to take the cash.

Kerry from Macquarie called in…

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