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Image Credit – Vadym Pavlosyuk/123rf.com

Beer and yoga – two things fabulous in their own right, but not two things that’d normally go together.

Well, Joga Yoga and Capital Brewing Co have found a way, with Bend + Beers coming to Canberra later this month!

It’s a chance for locals who love a good warrior pose or downward dog to enjoy a delicious beverage while doing so.

It’s also a chance for those who love an ice cold beer to get bendy!

Beer Yoga is happening at the new Capital Brewery in Fyshwick from 10:45am on September 16.


Image Credit - @capitalbrewing/Facebook

Try traditional yoga poses while knocking back a brew before enjoying some more beer and a tour of the new brewery.

If you’ve never done yoga before, never fear, the class is suited for all levels!

All you need is an open mind, a yoga mat and a love for beer.

As it’s always good to drink responsibly, probably wise to organise a lift or an Uber!

There are limited places, so make sure you book online.


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