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Image Credit - @7sundaynight/Facebook

He’s been labelled a brat and a national disgrace.

Two labels which Bernard Tomic is unlikely to be rid of anytime soon, after his frank interview on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

The troubled tennis star was unapologetic for the way he played tennis and his lavish lifestyle, which he’s flaunted on many occasions.

“Now maybe buying cars for half a million dollars to a million dollars, it’s my choice, living in all these lavish houses and property around the world, it’s my choice, it’s something I’ve worked for and I’ve earned,” he said.

“Being 24 and achieving in my opinion a lot in the sport, it’s affected me a little bit mentally and emotionally.”

Video Credit - @7sundaynight/Facebook

Tomic recently came under fire for his post-Wimbledon comments, where he admitted to being bored and putting in little effort.

He’s since admitted, he doesn’t regret any of his comments that copped a barrage of criticism from fans and tennis legends.

“Throughout my career, I’ve given 100 per cent, I’ve also given 30 per cent. But if you balance it out, I think all my career’s been around 50 per cent and I haven’t really tried, and really achieved all this. So just amazing what I’ve done.”

When asked what he would say to a young Bernard Tomic..

“Don’t play tennis, do something you love and enjoy because it’s a grind and it’s a tough, tough life and if you want the good life to come after that financially wise, maybe do it, but if you don’t love it, don’t do it.”

“My position, I’m trapped, I have to do it.”

Tomic also admitted he doesn’t love tennis and just sees it as a job, and doesn’t expect people to pay to watch him play.

“Don’t come, watch on TV, you don’t have to pay anything, just watch on TV.”

While Tomic remained true to his shameless form, there was a small glimpse of a man who wanted some acceptance.

“I’m not as bad of a person as people see I am, I’m just Bernard.”

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