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Another kids party, another lolly bag.

My 4 year old daughter came home with another lolly bag the other day, which I was expecting to be filled with the usual junk.

But I found something in there that brought a smile to my face, so much so, I decided to swipe it and keep it for myself (shh).

Ovalteenies! Remember those? The delicious little round chocolates in the red packet that were a popular canteen snack at school.


Image Credit - @theveryhungrykaterpilla/Instagram.com

It got me thinking about all the old school lollies and snacks that need to make a comeback!

Others that came to mind are carob buds, Samboy chips, Toobs, Ruffles chips, push pops, choo-choo bars, milko sticks, Dunkaroos, bon bon lollies, Kool Fruits, Mamee noodles, musk sticks and Sherbies.


Image Credit - @brunettegiant/Instagram.com

While some of these are available at particular shops and websites, we just don’t see enough of them!

Toffees also seem to have disappeared from fetes! There was nothing better than picking up a toffee with sprinkles for just 20 cents.


Image Credit - @jillkellett/Instagram.com

What old school lolly do you think needs to make a comeback? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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