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Police have confirmed the fire that gutted a house in Bonner on Monday was deliberately lit.

Three bodies were discovered, with police yet to formally identify them.

It’s after fire crews arrived to find the house on Peter Coppin Street well alight just before 9am Monday.

At first, crews found no one inside, but after ensuring the house was structurally sound, a second search uncovered three bodies.  

 “There was a fire, flames were engulfing the premises, the firefighters that turned up did an outstanding job extinguishing the flames,” Superintendent Scott Moller said.

“They fought the fire through the house, identified a number of people in the house that their belief they were deceased and then extracted themselves due to smoke and heat.”


An investigation’s underway into what started the blaze, with police confirming there’s several spots in the house where it could’ve started.

“We can say that after our investigation last night that the fires were deliberately lit,” Superintendent Moller said.

“There’s a number of inquiries and leads we’re following.”

No one’s in custody at this stage.

Police haven’t been able to confirm reports of the bodies being a woman and two children, or if the victims were deceased before the fire.

Superintendent Moller said it’ll be a while before more information comes to light.

“This investigation is complex, it’s going to be a significant investigation for us and it will be ongoing for some time and we’ll be following every lead we can,” he said.

“It will take some time for the bodies to be identified.”

The next of kin has also yet to be identified.


Police who attended the horrific scene have been offered counselling.

“Police have significant support in terms of our welfare department and they are seeking that support,” Superintendent Moller said.

Meanwhile, members of The Salvation Army have been doing the rounds, offering help to neighbours.

Peter Coppin Street was also re-opened on Tuesday, as forensic teams continued their work.

Kristen & Wilko also caught up with Channel Seven reporter Peter Fegan this morning..

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