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Image Credit – boost_juice/Instagram

Just when you thought vegemite had been made into enough bizarre food combinations – there’s another one to add to the list!

First it was Cadbury’s vegemite chocolate, then vegemite meat pies and vegemite hot cross buns, now it’s the vegemite smoothie!

The Boost Juice creation is made up of banana, dates, chocolate, low fat milk, vanilla yoghurt and ice.

As expected, the new concept has left a bad taste in many mouths, and that’s before they’ve even tasted it!

“Why??? When are the people at Bega going to realise that Vegimite is a breakfast spread, not some random flavoring that can be added to some random food product. Should have given up after the cadbury chocolate filling. Just gross!!!” – Laura

“Vegemite with chocolate was barely tolerable, but in juice? I feel crook just thinking about it.
I think it needs to stay on toast where it belongs.” – Danielle

“And it’s not even April 1. I’m so confused why people would think this would work. Does bonox belong in a smoothie, no, so why would vegemite.” – Taz

“Since you have now scraped the bottom of the barrel for flavours, why not a meat pie and sauce smoothie?” – Bianca

“Did a pregnant team member make up this concoction? I feel like only a pregnant woman with weird cravings would dare combine these ingredients.” – Catherine

“This goes against human nature, ethics and morals.” – Miya

While others are more open to the idea!

“Just tried it. And I'd like to start a campaign to have it be made a permanent part of the boost menu.” – Ashley

“I’m looking forward to trying it because you never know what it taste like until you try it and you never know it might taste great, so don’t judge.” – Renee

“Well I didn’t hate the vegemite Cadbury when that was a thing (I’m not gonna lie I kind of liked it) so sure, why not!” – Amber

“It’s actually DELICIOUS. THANK YOU!!!” – Bianca

“I tried it today. It’s not bad, tastes a lot like the King William Chocolate!” – Sarah

What’s the most bizarre vegemite food combination you’ve heard of? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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