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Image Credits - @sizzleraus/Facebook

If you haven’t tried the cheesy toast from Sizzler, then you haven’t lived!

Sadly, we bring some devastating news for lovers of the cheesy goodness..

Yet another branch of the much-loved all you can eat restaurant chain is closing – this one, in Brisbane.

It’s the latest in a long line of Sizzlers that have shut up shop – including the one in Canberra that closed years ago.


Oh how we miss the deliciousness that was the cheesy bread, the bacon bits, the potato skins, the list goes on!

The closest store for Canberrans is the one in Campbelltown.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Sydney, or you just want to re-live those delicious memories, be sure to stop there for a bite!

How AMAZING would it be if Sizzler made a comeback in Canberra!

Unfortunately, that’s looking highly unlikely, so in the meantime, lets revel in our favourite Sizzler memories..

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