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Image Credit – olegdudko/123rf.com

Most of us are reasonable enough to expect to pay extra for certain things when we dine out – like corkage, public holiday surcharges, etc.

But there’s a particular charge that got Wilko fired up on the Mix106.3 Breakfast show this morning.

He was shocked to read about a winery in Victoria that charged $72 to have a BYO sponge cake cut and served.

That works out to be $6 per person – as the booking was originally made for 12 people.

Listen to Wilko’s rage on the show this morning...

The story has attracted a range of comments on social media.

Some people agree with Wilko and think it’s a complete rip off, while others are of the view that it’s totally fair enough.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page and if you have your own story about being ripped off!

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