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Can you call yourself a Canberran yet?

by Alex Carlon

If you are new to Canberra, it can be daunting! You don’t know the names of the streets, where sells the best coffee and most importantly where not to end up on your Saturday night! Whether you are brand new to Canberra or have been here for a few years, you can always find yourself asking… Can I call myself a Canberran Yet?

But fear not. Here is a checklist to put you to the test… and if you haven’t completed all of these, well hop to it!

 1. Had coffee from Lonsdale Street Roasters in Braddon.

I don’t think I’m over-exaggerating at all, when I say the coffee is life changing. Really, how good can a cappuccino be? Well you should test that theory yourself… you won’t regret it.

 2.  Been for a Vietnamese feast in Dickson

Sorry, but if you can’t find good Vietnamese food in Dickson, maybe you should just leave Canberra all together. 

  3.  Hiked Mount Ainslie

Whether you’re an avid hiker or your fitness freak of a friend is dragging you up there, the view at the top is worth every step!

 4. Ridden your push-bike around town

If you have ever ridden your bike to work, uni or just down the road to meet a friend for coffee, you’re killing it as a Canberran! The lack of hills and not paying for parking is honestly one of the best things Canberra has on offer

 5. Had a hang over feed from Grease Monkey in Braddon.

Nothing takes the edge off a hang over like a little grease, and boy does the Greasy beef burger deliver. I mean it’s that good, it almost makes the hang over worth it.

  6. If someone names a suburb, can you tell them if it’s on the North or South side

Pronouncing the names of suburbs in Canberra can be hard enough let alone knowing where they are in the Canberra region. But when you get to that beautiful stage in your new Canberra life where you can tell a Canberra newbie that Banks is on the South side it gives you a feeling of satisfaction like no other.

  7.  Brodburger

Need I say more? For all of those out there who “think” they have found the best burger in the world, you my non-Canberran friend are sadly mistaken. Everything from the bun to the meat and the lettuce in between can’t be faulted.

 8. Done your Groceries at Supabarn

If you’re new to Canberra, Supabarn will completely change your grocery shopping experience. When you eat Gelato while you do your groceries, it makes this mundane chore a little more interesting.

  9.  Exercising around the lake

If you like exercising in the more traditional sense, or just meeting up with your girls in your active-wear, there’s no better place to do it then around Lake Burley Griffin.

 10. Getting the credit card out on the Car windscreen

Honestly, if you’ve had to do this one every day in one week to get rid of that damn morning frost, you’re a Canberran and there’s no doubt about it!  


So if you have ticked off all 10 things, then yes, you are a shining example of a Canberran. If not, add them to your bucket list and experience how great it is to be a Canberran! 


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