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Image Credit - @niuginiarabica/Facebook

A Canberra café has outsmarted burglars who broke in to steal cash, by leaving a cheeky note in the till!

The Niugini Arabica café in Duffy has been targeted before, so staff decided to take matters in to their own hands, by leaving a post-it note with a smiley face saying “HA-HA, NO MONEY!”

As expected, the thieves returned last week, with staff posting the security footage on their Facebook page.

It shows the hooded trio smashing through the window before they rummaged around the café, found the note and left with just a couple of bags of coffee!

Kristen & Wilko caught up with one of the staff members there this morning…

It’s not the first time staff at Niugini Arabica have made a joke at the expense of burglars.

Back in 2016, they posted a video of a break-in on YouTube put to music from The Benny Hill Show.

It’s down-right hilarious!

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