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Image Credit – Get Sam and Shani home/gofundme.com

A dream holiday for a Canberra couple has ended in disaster after a horrific motorbike crash in Thailand.

Shani has bleeding on the brain, a broken pelvis, a broken nose and severe lacerations to her face, mouth and body.


Image Credit – Get Sam and Shani home/gofundme.com

Shani and her partner Sam are now stuck in Thailand with large medical bills, away from Shani's two little boys back home.


Image Credit – Shani-Jayd Bourne/Facebook

They need $80,000 to medivac them home. But if they can’t be transferred by an air ambulance, they’ll have to wait for the doctor’s to give them the okay to fly commercially.

But that could take weeks, with the pair also facing huge costs for accommodation, food and medications.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family, with over $1900 raised in just 17 hours!

Sam’s sister Sarah, who set up the account, said they’ve been overwhelmed by the community’s response.

“We really appreciate it very much, every cent helps. My parents and Shani’s grandmother have emptied their bank accounts and have been trying to withdraw from their superannuation accounts to do their best to get them home,” she said.

“Sam and Shani have a great group of friends that have really banded together to show their support and we are honestly touched.”

Let’s get behind this family Canberra! You can donate here.

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