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Crème brulees are quite possibly one of the best desserts on the planet.

In good news for all the toffee cracking lovers out there, Canberra now has a dedicated crème brulee business!

My mouth is watering already.

Craig Ebeling and Ashleigh Gleeson of Damsel and Sprout have set up “Get Crackin” – a food stall providing take home crème brulees.

So, how did this genius idea come about?

“Everyone seems to love crème brulees, yet people don’t seem to make them at home,” Craig said.

“Being a baked custard, they can curdle and split if the temperature is wrong, and then a lot of people don’t have a blowtorch in their house to make the perfect toffee on top.”

So the pair decided to bring brulees to the people!

But it wasn’t an easy process – it took them several months to create the perfect recipe.

Craig, who’s also a former chef, said while the base recipe is no different to what you’d find in a cookbook or on the internet, the sugar mix is what took the most amount of time.

“We needed to work out something that would hold up over time. Standard castor sugar, once torched, only lasts about an hour,” he said.

“We spent several months working out the perfect sugar mix, which will stay hard up to 8 hours.”

The pair also had to find suitable spoons that could stand up to that ever so satisfying crack of the toffee.

Recycled wooden spoons seem to do the trick!


The question that’s no doubt on everyone’s lips – where and how can you get one?

Get Crackin’ will launch at The Forage on October 21 and will pop up at selected markets throughout the year.

To make sure you don’t miss out an all the deliciousness, follow Get Crackin’ on Instagram and Facebook!

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