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A Canberra guy is stuck behind bars in the United States after overstaying his visa by just over an hour.

Baxter Reid, 26, is now in jail, and he needs our help to get out.

Reid and his American girlfriend Heather travelled to the Canadian border, while his visa was still current.

Reid’s five-year visa requires him to leave the US every six months before renewing it.

It’s understood, the pair were held back by border officials for several hours, then refused entry.

“They spent hours asking us remedial questions and giving us the run around, with hours of dead time in between. After wasting over four hours there, they sent us to the US border patrol because they refused to let Baxter through,” Heather said.

“The US border patrol ended up taking Baxter away, because after waiting for hours with the Canadians, he technically violated his Visa requirements and was illegally in the US for a SINGLE HOUR. This is where all the real problems began; they threw Baxter in cuffs and escorted him to prison.”

Now – the tedious and expensive legal process begins.

“Fortunately we were able to find a good immigration lawyer, but immigration is not cheap. Both his family and mine are trying to find nickel and dimes to help us out, but at this stage, the estimated costs are unrealistic.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise $8000 for legal fees.

Let’s rally behind him Canberra! 

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