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Image Credit – Olga Miltsova/123rf.com

If you thought it was particularly warm in Canberra for April, you’d be spot on!

Canberra experienced the hottest April days in 75 years!

“The average overall was 25 degrees which was 5 degrees above the long term average so the records extend back to 75 years and Canberra sure had a very hot April,” Kim Westcott from Weatherzone said.

It comes as no big surprise, given many locals spoke about how they didn’t even come close to breaking the “no heater before Anzac Day” rule.

Canberrans also shivered through the first May morning, with temps getting down to 0.7 degrees just before 7am.

Now that’s the kind of weather we’re used to at around this time of year!

Despite the chilly starts, it looks like the days will remain quite warm.

“We are looking at fairly average conditions, possibly even drier and maybe even slightly warmer, especially for the mornings,” Ms Westcott said.

“There are no strong indications of more winter like conditions – you may need to wait a few months for that one.”

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