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The last couple of years have been rough for 36-year-old single mum, Ruth Tilleard.

She came out of an eight-year relationship and lost her social circle as a result.

Ruth fell pregnant to a stranger, fell in-love with him, to later discover he wasn’t the man for her.

With no family around for support, the brave Canberran decided it was time to make her life better.

She put a very raw and heartfelt post on the Canberra Notice Board Facebook page, asking for help to find a job and make new friends.

The post went off, attracting hundreds of comments.

She’s since received dozens of offers of friendship, work and babysitting.

While, many others responded commending her bravery..

“Ruth I am in awe of you – I am an introvert and been single for a while – but too awkward and scared of meeting people. I generally think my presence is tolerated rather than desired so you are inspiring me to maybe be a little less of a coward.” – Amanda

“Literally the bravest post ever!!!” – Shai

“Good on you for putting yourself out there Ruth! Truly very brave.” – Doug

“Woah Ruth this takes huge guts! Well done for reaching out.” – Anna

“Good on you for putting yourself out there like this. Takes a lot of guts!” – Maree

Ruth spoke to Kristen and Wilko about it this morning..

Ruth’s post touched many people, with more than a dozen gathering at Café Injoy in Gungahlin this morning to meet each other for the first time.

“It’s been fabulous! A lady heard it on the radio today and came along because she has only recently moved from Cooma and doesn’t have any friends so I thought that was really brave,” Ruth said.

“The ladies are amazing! So supportive, and most of them are in the same boat. It’s been lots of fun and so many laughs!”

Ruth said they’re going to start a Facebook group and meet up every week, with a few cheeky drinks thrown in!

This wonderful story of bravery is further proof of the power of social media..

And it just goes to show, asking for help can really pay off!

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