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Image Credit – Yuriy Klochan/123rf.com

O-Negative blood stocks have hit concerning low levels around the country, with Canberra feeling the brunt of the shortage.

The ACT has more than 100 appointments to fill this week and 550 over the next month.

Nationally, an extra 4,500 O-Negative blood donations are needed this month to help boost Blood Service stocks up to normal levels.

“100 appointments this week for Canberra is unusual for us,” Australian Red Cross spokesperson, Sally Gavin, said.

“Normally we do mighty fine but currently most of our regular donors have dropped off due to colds and flus.”

Winter sickness and an increase in demand for O-Negative blood is behind the supply decline.

During the cold and flu season, sickness leads to as many as 1,000 cancelled donations per week!


Image Credit – kasto/123rf.com

Ms Gavin said one donation goes a long way.

“We can save 3 lives with one donation. We can save the lives of cancer patients, those underdoing treatments for blood disorders, pregnant mothers and trauma victims. There’s so many people you can help change the life of, with one simple donation,” she said.

O-Negative blood is a universal blood type that can be used in emergencies where the patient’s blood type is unknown.

To put it into perspective, one in three of us need donated blood in our lifetime.

But they need healthy people to donate!

To make an appointment, call 13 14 95 or visit the website!

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