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P-platers in Canberra could soon be banned from driving between midnight and 5am, under proposed reforms being considered by the ACT Government.

Several radical changes are being looked at, to help improve safety for younger drivers in the capital.

It’s as research show a range of measures can reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes by 50%.

Some of the changes being considered include:

-          Learner drivers must hold their licence for at least a year and complete a minimum of 100 supervised driving hours, including 10 hours at night time

-          Introducing a new P1 plate for the first year, with drivers needing to be at least 18 to get their P2 licence

-          No driving between midnight and 5am for P1 drivers

-          P1 drivers will be limited to one passenger aged between 16 and 24 in the car

-          Increasing the minimum learner period from six to 12 months

-          A maximum of four points for three years for Learner drivers, down from 12 points in three years

-          No mobile phone usage allowed for L and P-platers, including hands-free

-          Learner drivers must complete a Hazard Perception Test to get their P’s

“These are all designed to improve safety for younger drivers and are based on successful evidence from other jurisdictions that have seen these changes result in fewer accidents,” Road Safety Minister, Shane Rattenbury, said.

“We want to make sure we do improve safety for younger drivers while at the same time, being practical about it and not putting undue barriers in place."

15 young drivers aged 17-24 were killed on Canberra roads between 2006 and 2017, with five of those between midnight and 5am.

During that same period, cars driven by young drivers killed 23 other drivers, cyclists, passengers or pedestrians, with 10 of those also between midnight and 5am.

To further paint the picture, P-platers represented 6.5% of all car licence holders from 2011 to 2015 but accounted for 14.6% of drivers involved in fatal crashes.

The ACT Government wants feedback on the proposals – you can have your say online.

We’d also like to know what you think, shoot us a comment on our Facebook page!

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