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Ever since that Kmart line of doggie dress-ups came out, social media’s been inundated with pics of pooches dressed as pizzas, hot dogs, reindeers, the list goes on!

It seems to be part of a whole new pooch craze, with lots of ‘doggie days out’ incorporated into community events and cafe’s becoming dog-friendly.

Petbarn Majura Park has jumped on another trend, dyeing doggie fur, by introducing their ‘Splash of Colour’ service.

It means your furry friend can have cherry pink, mint green, marine blue or even lemon yellow hair!


The new pop of colour can be applied to their ears and tails with a dog friendly semi-permanent colour treatment.

Just watch those Instagram and Facebook likes skyrocket!

There’s a range of colours to choose from, like pink, violent, green, blue, red, yellow and many more – so you can pick which one suits your pooch!

“This new service is really just a bit of fun and about making people smile. We love that it creates a wonderful bond between the pet and their human parents,” Petbarn’s Grooming Manager, Janelle Austin, said.

Janelle insists DYEX is 100% dog friendly and is safe to use on animals.

“We don’t lighten dark hair so no bleach or lightening products are used,” she said.


It comes just days after a post by Pinellas County Animal Services went viral, warning against the practice of dyeing dog hair.

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending.

While Petbarn insists their service is safe, they don’t recommend it for dogs with skin allergies or sensitivities.

It’ll set you back $25 to get your doggie’s ears or tail decked out or get both for $50!

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