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Image Credit – Aleksei Aleshin/123rf.com

Who would have thought after that ridiculously hot weekend, we’d be pulling up the doonas this morning!

After a sweltering couple of days of 40+ temps, the temperature dropped dramatically yesterday afternoon, providing some much-needed relief!

Then it got down to just 8 degrees this morning.. world’s apart from the 20+ overnight temps we’d had just the night before!

The ACT did manage to get through the worst of the heat over the weekend without too much drama.

Firefighters responded to a few grass fires, but nothing major.

NSW has bared the brunt of bushfires, with several still burning around the state.

It looks like the worst of the scorching heat is over, though.

Canberra’s expecting a sunny top of 29 today, with temps creeping back into the thirties later this week.

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