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Image Credits – supplied

If you’ve wandered through the National Zoo & Aquarium lately, you may have noticed an adorable new stripy arrival exploring her new home.

A female zebra foal was born there on the 2nd of November.

Although wobbly at first, it only took minutes for the foal to get on her feet, with mum Kike and dad Tambo watching close by.


The zoo’s Operations Manager, Renee Osterloh, said they’re thrilled with the new addition.

“We’ve had huge success with breeding here at the zoo and we’re proud to be contributing towards the plains zebra regional programme,” she said.

“Although plains zebra are considered the most widespread in Africa, sadly they still face many threats in the wild, such as habitat loss, hunting and competition with livestock.”

Be sure to head to the zoo to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous foal while she’s still little!

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