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Image Credit – Lukas Gojda/123rf.com

If you’re loving today’s cooler weather – enjoy it while it lasts!

Canberrans are experiencing relief from those string of 30+ days with some light showers today and a top of 23 degrees.

“We’re seeing a southerly change that came through yesterday, quite a strong one, so we’re seeing some light showers around and those cooler southerly winds and they’re going to bring a cool day today and tomorrow,” Weatherzone meteorologist, Joel Pippard, said.

The cooler weather won’t hang around, with a top of 35 degrees expected on Thursday.

And that’s just the start.

“On Friday we’re looking at a top of 40 degrees and Saturday 41. So it’s going to be very hot, but also, there’s going to be a lot of humidity in the air leftover from the showers today so it might be incredibly uncomfortable,” Mr Pippard said.

We could break the record for Canberra’s hottest February day, which sits at 42.2 degrees in 1968.

And if we get three days above 40 degrees, we could break another record!

“We’ve only seen two runs so far of greater than 40 degree days for 3 days in a row. There was one in 2009 and a 3 day run in 2014. They were in the low forties though so this time we’re looking at going into 41 degree territory,” Mr Pippard said.

So get that fresh pack of zooper doopers in the freezer Canberra, you’ll need them!

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