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Image Credit – Australian Capital Tree Climbing Championships/Facebook

One of the fondest childhood memories is climbing trees – seeing who can get to the top the fastest and swing upside down the longest.

It’s a skill many have taken into adulthood, to the point where an event was created in its honour!

The ACT Tree Climbing Championships are coming up on the 5th and 6th of May.

Featuring climbers from the Canberra region, interstate and overseas, it’s the ultimate test of tree climbing skill.

The competition is made up of two parts – the preliminary events and the Masters events.

The five events include:

Secured footlocker - climbers have to climb a rope whilst being belayed using their hands and feet to grip and ascend the rope. This event is scored on speed.

Belayed speed climb - climbers are belayed and have to climb the tree as fast as they can and ring a bell at the top. This event is also scored on speed.

Throwline - competitors stay on the ground and set their climbing lines in a tree using lightweight throw-in and weighted ball. Forks in the tree are assigned points based on how difficult they are to achieve.

Work climb - climbers start at the top of the tree. Once this time starts they move down the tree visiting four stations where they have to perform certain tasks. Points are awarded for speed, efficiency, safety and technique.

Aerial rescue - competitors have to ascend a tree to rescue an injured climber (dummy) and bring them down safely and carefully. Points are awarded based on how well a climber adheres to standard first aid, speed, efficiency, safety and technique.

The top competitors will take part in the Grand Final – a Masters Climb!

Competitors are required to perform a hazard assessment of the tree, set a line and then off they go!

They visit four stations and perform various activities at each before getting down and taking off their climbing gear – all while being timed and scored.

Gee – who’d have thought there’s so much involved in tree climbing!

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes, whether you’re an amateur or seasoned tree climber – give it a go!

The championships will be held on the 5th and 6th of May at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, as part of Canberra Tree Week.

To register, visit the ACTC Facebook page or send an email to actclimbingchamps@gmail.com.

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