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Image Credit – Andrii Baranovskyi/123rf.com

Canberra venues are being urged to help rid the ACT of plastic straws, as part of the ‘Straws Suck’ campaign.

In encourages businesses to not serve plastic straws and it urges locals to refuse them, if served one.

Climate Change Minister Shane Rattenbury said they are a single use plastic that have a bad impact on our environment.

“An estimated 10 million straws are used in Australia every day. It can take up to 200 years for a straw to decompose, so they can outlive your children’s children’s children,” he said.

“Every little piece of avoided waste can make a real difference.”

Minister Rattenbury said there’s plenty of worthy substitutes for plastic straws.

“There are great alternatives such as metal straws, paper straws or frankly just use your lips and drink the drink!”


Image Credit – Jennifer Barrow/123rf.com

Canberra business Bentspoke is on board with the ‘Straws Suck’ campaign, with staff hoping to reduce the estimated 4,000 straws used on site each year.

The Government’s doing its bit to help with the transition, by providing businesses with material to support their pledge, like coasters, posters, door stickers and straw dispenser stickers.

Has your business already ditched plastic straws? Have you been to a Canberra venue that doesn’t serve them? Let us know at our Facebook page!

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