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Image Credits - @CBuchanan68/Facebook

Facebook’s been flooded with messages of support for Caroline Buchanan, following a quad bike accident just before the New Year.

She’s expected to be ready to race again by April/May, with a tough recovery period over the next few months.

It’s after the quad bike Caroline was on rolled on a property near Cooma on December 30.

She suffered a broken sternum, collapsed lungs and a broken nose.


“I am very grateful for being able to still be here to continue #LivingTheRide and experiencing the highs and lows of life and knowing that this next recovery block to get back on my bike is going to be a bit longer than I had imagined,” Caroline wrote on Facebook.

“I am yet to get confirmation about whether or not I need further surgeries on my nose and on my broken sternum. Starting off 2018 every day with small steps and small wins.”

Caroline went on to describe the traumatic experience that followed the accident..

“I surely won’t forget feeling helpless and wondering every what if for roughly three hours barely being able to breathe while my lungs both collapsed and filled with fluid and blood throughout surrounding internal areas and the worst chest pain with a broken sternum on route to Canberra Hospital,” she wrote.

“That is my rock bottom moment which is driving me to continue on towards my dreams, not be diverted because of setbacks, not be scared of pain and no excuses to not continue.”


Caroline’s Facebook posts have attracted hundreds of comments and shares with messages of love and support.

“Thank you everyone for your messages, flowers and posts of support,” she said.

“I have been overwhelmed and at the same time coming to grips with how lucky I am and how bad it could’ve been!”

In true Caroline fashion, she’s staying positive and looking to the future.

“Adversity and challenges build success, builds resilience and builds momentum” she said.

What a top athlete and role model! We wish Caroline all the best with her recovery!

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