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Image Credit – Rachael Thorpe/Facebook

While Canberrans are sometimes known for sticking to themselves and their cliques – they are outstanding at coming together in times of need.

That’s what they’ve done for Florey mum Rachael Thorpe, who was recently diagnosed with two rare brain tumours.

About two months ago, she went into hospital for Meningitis, only to be then delivered the additional devastating news.

“I was a bit annoyed, they didn’t announce they were coming, they just moved in there and made themselves comfortable,” Rachael said.

“I’m waiting to serve eviction notices on them as soon as we can find a surgeon that’s prepared to do it, they’ll be getting notice to terminate and leave!”

When Rachael was in hospital, her lovely partner John proposed. Romantic!

Given all they had on their plate, they decided on a backyard wedding in September.

But their backyard was far from ready to host such a beautiful and memorable occasion.

So, a big group of locals decided to come together to give the family a surprise garden make-over!

Many of those that contributed were from the Florey Neighbourhood Watch group Rachael helped set up at the beginning of the year.

Rachael decided to share the amazing story of generosity on the Canberra Notice Board Facebook page, which attracted hundreds of comments and dozens of shares.


Many of the comments were locals offering their services for free for their wedding – like cakes and babysitting services.

But since Rachael and John had already organised it all, Rachael took it upon herself to set up an organisation for people to donate their services one day a year for families doing it tough.

It’s called ‘One Day A Year’ and you can check it out on Facebook!

Kristen & Wilko caught up with Rachael earlier in the week to hear her amazing story…

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