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Image Credit – Phil Sledge

It’s a place most Canberrans are familiar with and love.

Pooh Bear’s Corner – that spot on the Clyde Mountain kids big and small like to check out on the way to and from the coast.

In news that’s left many outraged, the much-loved attraction has been targeted by vandals again.

A post on Facebook from a few days ago shows the corner burnt out and most of the bears gone.

The post continues to attract dozens of angry comments..

“There are some horrible people out there. This is so sad.” – Emerson

“That is an icon. Been there for decades. Always looked for it going down the mountain. There is no respect for anything anymore. Hope they burnt their fingers.” – Alan

“I’d like to know who would be so sick in the head to do this atrocious act. Hopefully karma will be in charge.” – Maxine

“Scum bags! Don’t they realise what joy young children get from this attraction. I am a 71-year-old woman and I always check to see what new bears are added to Pooh bears corner.” – Phyliss

A spokeswoman at Eurobodalla Shire Council said vandalism at the iconic spot is unfortunately a regular occurrence.

“It’s upsetting for travellers who look forward to reaching Pooh Bear’s Corner as a highlight of the trip to the coast.”

In some more positive news, travellers are rallying to get the corner back to its teddy-filled ways.

Carolyn posted on Facebook saying “I came down last night and there were some bears in there – I specifically looked after reading that they had all disappeared – think someone has either put some of them back or replaced them.”

Tim the Yowie Man also pleased to see the spot slowly returning to its former glory..

“Already it is being re-populated with bears donated by kind travellers from both the coast and Canberra. It’s great to see so much kindness come out of this.”

Kristen & Wilko got quite the history lesson on Pooh’s Corner this morning..

What are your Pooh’s Corner memories? Have your say at our Facebook page!

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